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Investors supporting Cyrano Therapeutics in revolutionizing the treatment of Smell Loss

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Remiges Ventures

Based in Seattle and Tokyo, Remiges Ventures is a US-Japan cross-border venture capital firm focused on therapeutics. Remiges Ventures takes a lead position for the syndication of Series A or later-stage investment rounds globally and actively creates new companies based on innovative assets discovered at Japanese academic institutions. Remiges Ventures’ team is connected with serial entrepreneurs, KOLs in various therapeutic areas, key consultants, and major large pharmaceutical companies around the globe. The team actively participates in the value creation of its portfolio companies.
Investor in smell loss research and treatment

Lumira Ventures

Lumira executes a consistent, proven investment strategy as a lead investor and active partner with our portfolio companies. We focus on companies whose products offer transformative (not incremental) improvements to patient health outcomes and the promise of dramatic reductions in the cost of healthcare delivery. Our Canadian heritage helps us “skate to where the puck is going to be,” investing in the new science and clinical insights that we expect will be driving the next decade of patient care.

DeepWork Capital

DeepWork Capital invests in early-stage companies across the technology and life-science sectors, with a heavy geographic focus in the southeast region. Additionally, DeepWork serves as the Investment Manager for the State of Florida’s Venture Programs, collectively known as the Florida Opportunity Fund.



Deep Work Capital - Investor in Cyrano Therapeutics