Anosmia Treatments

Most of us take anosmia or sense of smell loss for granted believing that it is a temporary phenomenon. What everyone fails to understand is that if it is not taken care of as soon as possible it can be worse. We here at Cyrano Therapeutics take this issue very seriously to provide you with the best treatment for anosmia.

It is important to understand anosmia symptoms when the loss of smell is for long term. Our diagnosis goes through various stages. First we will gather information on how long it has been there, in case if it is easy to cure certain medication will be provided to you else full examination of nose and nasal passage will be done only after which we will be able to provide you with the perfect treatment process. Not only that we will also measure the intensity of the loss of sense of smell with our sniff smell examinations for the best diagnosis. We here target not only to treat your anosmia but we also provide you with a complete support until you recover completely. Mostly, all types of anosmia causes are treatable. It is advisable not to delay in the treatment once you start facing initial symptoms.