Hyposmia Treatments

We here at Cyrano Therapeutics not only treat anosmia but we emphasize more on hyposmia patients. Hyposmia is the beginning stage of loss of sense of smell disorder. It is very important to start off with the hyposmia treatment as soon as possible and not let it turn into anosmia or complete loss of smell.

Generally hyposmia causes start occurring due to nasal disorders. It can be due to congestion, polyp, injury or certain other factors. If it is long term it can be dangerous and can lead to complete smell loss. Here we take care of the total treatment of this issue. We have our doctors, therapists ENTs who have specialized knowledge to take care of any kind of sensory disorder. The diagnosis includes the perfect understanding of the level of smell loss through our different examinations to provide you with the perfect treatment.

Many a times we neglect hyposmia believing it is temporary and depend on nasal sprays which is a temporary solution to the problem. Do not let hypsomia ruin your sensory system.Take care of it and start acting upon immediately when you see hypsomia symptoms. There is nothing to worry when we are there to provide you with the world class treatment with our best doctors.