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Developing a first-in-category therapy for smell and flavor loss


Smell loss is now
in the Public Mind

Taste and smell comprise two of the main five senses we have as human beings. Some of our earliest memories as humans include the tastes and smells of our childhood. For most people, taste and smell are part of our everyday life. It is one of life’s great pleasures and one that we typically share with family and friends. Like the other senses, we take them for granted until they are longer there. When the sense of smell is lost, 80-90% of what we perceive as taste (the ability to detect flavor in food) is also lost.

Of all the senses, smell also has the most direct cognitive connection with memory. Without smell, there are memories that may never be accessed again. Over 15 million people in the U.S. alone have chronic smell and flavor loss, which can be brought on by something as basic such as the common flu or allergic rhinitis. It can also be a symptom of a neurodegenerative condition.


COVID-19: Over 150 million people globally have been infected

With the emergence of COVID-19, smell loss has entered the public mind. While the majority of patients who experience smell and flavor loss due to COVID-19 will recover, recent studies have shown that significant portion of the post-COVID population may experience a long term full or partial deficit. Still others may be left with smell and flavor distortions that can interfere with daily life.


The Future might be as simple as a daily nasal spray to restore smell and flavor in those who have lost it.

Cyrano Therapeutics is developing a patented nasal spray to treat and restore smell and flavor via intranasal delivery directly to the olfactory mucosa as a chronic daily therapy.


Smell and Flavor are often taken
for granted – Until we lose them

Flavors and smells provide some of life’s great pleasures.

It is fundamentally linked to appetite, nutrition, well being, and mental health.

Smell is required to sense flavor in foods, what we commonly describe as taste.

Without smell we cannot detect flavors in foods.

Smell and flavor are warning systems, alerting us of gas leaks, smoke or spoiled food.

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Smell and Flavor Restoration

A significant unmet need

Problems with smell and flavor increase with age. ¹


of the US population between age 53 and 59 have impairment.


between age 60 and 69 have impairment.


between age 70 and 79 have impairment.


of people between the age of 80 and 97 have impairment.

1. Keller and Malaspina BMCEar, Nose and Throat Disorders 2013, 13:8,

“Remembrance of Things Past”

by Marcel Proust