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around you

Leading the way in Taste
and Smell Restoration

Taste and Smell are often taken for granted

- Until we lose them

Smell is required to sense flavor in foods,
what we commonly describe as taste.

It is fundamentally linked to appetite,
nutrition, well being, and mental health.

Flavors and fragrance provide some of
life’s great pleasures.

Without smell we cannot detect
flavors in foods.

Taste and smell are also a warning
system, alerting us of gas leak, smoke,
or spoiled food.

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Taste and Smell Restoration

A significant unmet need


10.4% of adults over 40 have reported smell loss in the past
12 months, with 6.1% reporting a problem with taste. 1


2.5% of US adults over 40 have discussed a taste and smell problem with a healthcare provider in the last 12 months. 1

Problems with taste and smell increase with age. 2


6.1% of the US population between age 53 and 59 have impaired taste and smell.


17.3% between age 60 and 69 have impaired taste and smell.


29.2% between age 70 and 79 have impaired taste and smell.


62.5% of people between the age of 80 and 97 have impaired taste and smell.

1. National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey (2011-12),
2. AMA. 2002;288:2307-2312

The Cyrano Solution

Cyrano is developing an intranasal spray with the potential to treat and restore taste and smell function.